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What's in That Notary Bag?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Mobile notary bag

As a mobile notary, my day is different from day to day. On days when I don't have any appointments, I can be found working from home writing blog posts or social media posts, doing book keeping work, marketing for new prospects, and yes, once in awhile being lazy lol!

On days when I have clients to tend to, I need to make sure my notary bag is ready for whatever the day might bring. What does a mobile notary keep in his or her bag? The list below is what I generally keep in mine and is a good starting point for new notaries wondering what they'll need in theirs.

  • Pens, lots of pens! When doing loan closings, many lenders and title companies prefer their documents be signed with blue ink, some prefer black ink and others have no preference. I use blue the most, by far.

  • Bic Round Stick Blue Pens - long lasting and inexpensive in case I leave them behind

Blue Bic pens

Blue gel pens

  • Black Gel Pens - see above

  • Notary Journal The Modern Journal of Notarial Events is my favorite thus far. It has check boxes and a list of the most common documents in a loan package to make tracking notarizations easy. I always have a couple extra on hand for when I fill one so I don't have to wait if the supplier is on back order.

Notary journal
Replacement notary stamp ink pads

  • Inkless Thumbprint Pad I keep this compact ink pad in my bag for when I ask signers to provide their thumbprint along with their signature in my journal as proof that they appeared before me to have their signature notarized.

Inkless thumbprint pad

Paper clips

Binder clip

Colorful sticky notes

  • Sticky Flag Tabs If I ever need to mark someplace on a document to have the signer sign their name or to initial, I use these.

Colorful sticky flag tabs

  • Notary Handbook This is a great book if I ever need to look something up in a pinch if I am not sure of something. The NNA has them for all 50 states.

  • Clipboards These are handy if I am ever at a location that does not have a good surface to sign and stamp documents.

  • Business Cards & Frequent Customer Cards I design and print my business & rewards cards using VistaPrint.

Aside from the above items, I keep a bin in my car with extra pens, shipping envelopes, paks and shipping label holders for FedEx and UPS. You can order supplies from both when you set up a free account and they will send the materials directly to your home or office.

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