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Reasons Why You Should Use a Mobile Notary

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Why Use a Mobile Notary?

It's not every day that you need something notarized, but everyday someone needs something notarized. When the need arises, there are plenty of locations for you to have your signature notarized on a document: banks, credit unions, UPS stores and notary/auto tag shops can be found all around where I live and likely where you live too.

Busy professional

Those options are great if you have the time and the ability to get there during the course of your day. These days though, so many of us are constantly on the go. Between work schedules and other commitments, kids and their after school activities or sports, you may find you either don't have time to get to one of the locations mentioned above or by the time you do, perhaps they have closed for the day. This is the perfect reason why you should think about using a mobile notary service like Blue Ink Notary.

I would always suggest you check with whatever bank or credit union you have accounts with to see if they can assist as they will often provide notary services for free to their customers or members as long as you have an account with them. The downside though is that some no longer offer notary services or if they do have a notary on staff, their hours might be limited or you might need to make an appointment, which could be a week or two later.

Some places may not be willing or able to notarize certain documents. I would always suggest you contact the UPS Store or a notary shop in your area before you head out, not only to confirm their hours of operation but also whether they can and will notarize your signature on whatever document you have that requires it.

Sick and hospital

For the elderly and the sick, who may be home-bound or in a hospital, nursing home or an assisted living facility, leaving might not be an option when they need their signature notarized on a power of attorney document, their will or health care directives. Others may be incarcerated and need notary services. This is where knowing a good mobile notary near you is beneficial.

Mobile notaries provide you convenience...we travel to you at a time and a location that fits YOUR busy schedule. Whether it's your home, office, a coffee shop in between your errands or any other location that suits your needs and schedule. For many, this convenience and time savings are well worth the fees mobile notaries charge.

When the need arises don't forget about looking for a mobile notary in your area. If you are reading this and you reside in the Berks County, PA area, give Blue Ink Notary a call at 484-509-1405 or send an email to to schedule an appointment when you need traveling or online notary services.


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