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The Colorful World of Signatures: Decoding the Mystery Behind Blue and Black Ink for Document Signings

Updated: May 6

Blog post header picture Blue Ink vs Black Ink -  why some documents require blue ink and others black.  Inlcudes a picture of a blue pen and a black pen

Hey there, ink enthusiasts! Welcome to the colorful world of document signing. If you've ever found yourself wondering why some documents demand the elegance of blue ink while others settle for the classic black, you're in for a treat. Today, we'll unravel the mystery behind the ink choices and explore the reasons why blue and black inks are the unsung heroes of the notary world.

The Psychology of Ink Colors

Before we dive into the specifics, let's explore the psychological nuances behind ink colors. Believe it or not, the color of the ink you choose can send subtle signals about your intent and mindset.

Blue Ink - The color blue is often associated with trust, loyalty, and professionalism. Choosing blue ink for your documents can convey a sense of reliability and stability. It's the go-to color for contracts, legal documents, and agreements where trust is paramount. So, when in doubt, opt for blue to make a lasting impression of dependability.

Black Ink - On the other hand, black ink exudes formality, power, and tradition. It's a versatile choice that fits well in various settings, from business contracts to everyday paperwork. Black ink is timeless and gives a sense of authority, making it ideal for documents that require a touch of gravitas.

The Blue Ink Advantage

So, yes, there is some bias here as our name is Blue Ink Notary. Here is why I champion the use of blue ink for most of my notarizations.

Picture of two blue pens with a poem: roses are red, violets are blue. I use blue ink and you should too!
  1. Document Authentication - In the notary world, blue ink is often favored for its resistance to photocopying and alterations. When documents are signed in blue, it becomes easier to distinguish an original from a copy, ensuring the authenticity of the agreement.

  2. Legal Documents - Legal documents, such as wills, contracts, and deeds, often require blue ink signatures. The color choice is not arbitrary; it reflects the seriousness and legal significance of the content. Blue ink ensures that the signature is not easily tampered with, providing an extra layer of security.

  3. Easily Distinguishable - Blue ink signatures are more easily distinguished on papers filled with lots of black print. Title companies and lenders need to regularly review the more than 100 pages of documents in a loan package for accurate signatures before the transaction is finalized. Blue ink stands out in a sea of black ink.

The Allure of Black Ink

While Blue Ink Notary embraces the elegance of blue ink, there's no denying the timeless charm of black ink. Let's explore why some documents opt for the classic black touch.

  1. Universal Formality - Black ink is universally accepted as a formal and official choice. It's a safe bet for a wide range of documents, from business contracts to personal agreements. If you're aiming for a standard and widely recognized look, black ink is your go-to.

  2. Traditional Documents - Certain documents carry a historical or traditional significance, and black ink complements this aura perfectly. Think of wills, historical records, or ceremonial certificates—black ink adds a touch of reverence and respect to these venerable documents.

  3. Versatility - Black ink works well on various paper colors and textures. Its versatility allows for clear and legible signatures on a wide range of document types, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Blue Ink Notary's Signature Service

At Blue Ink Notary, I understand the importance of making your mark with confidence. My commitment to excellence goes beyond just choosing the right ink color. Here's why my notary services in Reading, Pennsylvania, stand out:

  1. Expert Notary Service - I ensure that every document is handled with precision and care and take pride in my expertise while upholding the highest standards in the notary profession.

  2. Comprehensive Notary Solutions - Whether you need a notarized contract, power of attorney, or real estate document, Blue Ink Notary has you covered. My services extend to various sectors, providing comprehensive notary solutions tailored to your needs.

  3. Convenient Location - Based in the heart of Berks County, I can easily get to county residents in a timely manner, making it convenient for clients seeking reliable notary services. I strive to make the notarization process smooth and hassle-free.

And there you have it, ink enthusiasts! The vibrant world of blue and black ink in document signing. Whether you lean towards the trusty blue or the classic black, remember that each ink color carries its unique charm and significance. At Blue Ink Notary in Reading, Pennsylvania, I am here to guide you through the notarization journey with expertise, professionalism, and a touch of colorful flair.

If you're in the Berks County area and in need of top-notch notary services, look no further than Blue Ink Notary. We're not just about signatures; we're about making your mark with style and confidence.


To learn more about what you need to have your document notarized or to schedule your in person notary appointment, contact us by phone at 484-509-1405 or by email to

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